Goin' to the Chapel and We're Gonna Get Married (or, Vegetarian Version of Italian Wedding Soup)

One of my favorite blogs is Iowa Girl Eats. She makes so many delicious meals and her photographs of said food are gorgeous! Over the weekend she posted a recipe for Italian Wedding Soup, which I sounded perfect! (Soup and I have a thing going.) I was so excited to make this (and bring it over to the vegetarian side!).
I used vegetable broth in place of chicken broth (an easy switch, but it does make the soup look a bit murky). Rather than 1/2 pound of mini meatballs, I used 2 cups of chopped potatoes; you could use a combo of onions/celery/carrots too. I haven't had much success with "fake" meats (tried soy bacon here and a soy hot dog here), which is why I used extra veggies instead of soy meatballs. BUT that is a departure from traditional Italian Wedding soup, so I understand if you are deeply offended (not really - just use whatever you want in your soup and I'll never know!).  :)

Enough blabbing, right?  Here's the recipe:

Vegetarian Version of Italian Wedding Soup

• 2 teaspoons olive oil
• 2 cloves garlic, minced
• 1-2 cups chopped potatoes (or other veggies)
• 8 cups vegetable broth
• 3/4 cup small pasta (I used orzo)

• 1 - 2 teaspoons pepper
• 1 teaspoon onion powder

• 4 cups fresh spinach, chopped
• 2 eggs

• 2-3 tablespoons parmesan cheese

Saute oil and garlic in large stock pot for 2-3 minutes. Add potatoes and vegetable broth. Bring to a boil. Add pasta, pepper, and onion powder. Cook 8-9 minutes (check the package directions on the pasta). Stir in spinach. In a small bowl, beat eggs and parmesan cheese. Slowly add to the soup, stirring constantly. Cook for another minute or two. Top with additional cheese if desired. Serve and enjoy!
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  1. Holy Moly! I believe I made almost this exact soup a while back... mine had kale instead of spinach, and no pasta - but otherwise identical - and I've never even heard of Italian wedding soup! I was just cleaning out the pantry!

    1. haha - that's too funny. This soup helped me clean out the pantry, too, especially my giant bag of spinach (I'm always sick of spinach by the time I get to the bottom). I bet this soup would be good with kale, I'll try that next time :)

  2. I love that you made this vegetarian! I am trying to consume less (like, a lot less!) meat and I love finding common recipes that have been changed to be vegetarian.

  3. This looks delicious to me and I'm not much of a soup fan I can't wait to try it. I think I might even be able to convince my veggie-phobic hubby to eat this (and if he doesn't like it more for me!)

    1. oh man, I can't imagine not being a soup fan . . it's probably my number 2 favorite food after rice (yeah, I'm weird).

  4. Hi! Your Italian wedding soup was nominated as one of the "Best Italian Wedding Soup Recipes on the Net". To vote for it, please visit http://easyitalianrecipes.org/soup-recipes/best-italian-wedding-soup-recipes-on-the-net-vote-for-your-favorite/ (your recipe is positioned at #200).


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