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Please Vote

I don't have time to blog like I used to. But I do have time to ask you to  please vote  (imagine that in sparkly letters) if you live in the US. 😎  This year, I was planning to start the tradition of taking my daughter with me to vote (she'll be 5 by then!) but COVID derailed that plan. Instead, she gets to watch me fill out my ballot at the kitchen table, haha. Regardless of where I vote, we're reading a lot about voting. Here are some of our favorites if you're interested. Amazon links are affiliate, the rest are not.   Vote for Our Future - Elementary school students helping their community get out and vote!  Amazon | Goodreads | Youtube Lillian's Right to Vote - I checked this out at the library just based on the title. Sometimes that works out well, and this was one of those times.  Amazon | Goodreads | Youtube Delivering Justice - The story of W.W. Law, and how he fought for Civil Rights in Savannah, Georgia and helped Black Americans register to vote