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Library Freebie

It's common knowledge that you can borrow books for free at the library, but look what I got to take home with me (forever!) from my library:  a new bookcase/bookshelf display-type item! It used to hold children's books but a bigger, two-sided shelf replaced it. So it was outside with a free sign on it! I couldn't believe my good fortune - I think it will be perfect in the baby's room. My plan is to give it a good scrub to try to remove those adhesive marks and then fill it with books! Thankfully my parents saved some of my books from when I was younger and I've received a few as gifts so I'm excited and ready to get set up! Acquired anything for free lately?

Gender Predictions from Old Wives' Tales

Mr. G and I aren't finding out early if our baby is a boy or a girl - we're happy to wait until the baby is born. Of course I've heard a lot of predictions (adamant predictions!) so I thought I'd go through some old wives' tales for fun. Morning sickness - nausea = girl, little/no nausea = boy For me:  on/off nausea depending on the day = girl Chinese Gender Chart - a chart matching your age and month of conception For me:   girl Mayan Gender Prediction - add the year of conception and the mother's age. Even number = girl, odd number = boy For me:   girl Baby's heart rate   - over 140 bpm = girl, under 140 bpm = boy For me:  the baby's had a range of heartbeats, so inconclusive ! Besides, our midwife said the heartbeat gradually slows down over the course of the pregnancy anyway. Season of conception - winter = girl, summer = boy, spring and fall = equal chance For me:  conceived in the winter = girl Cravings - craving s

Vacation in St. Michaels

We've returned from our trip to St. Michaels!  The weather was a warm, comfortable temperature for the whole visit, but there were some wild thunderstorms and a little flooding. To be expected this close to the water, I suppose? Many of the roads had ditches cut beside them to hold excess water and runoff so the sidewalks and roads were in good shape again pretty quick.  Most of our time in St. Michaels was spent walking around town. There are a ton of cute shops (we saw one with handmade three-dimensional wooden maps of various coastlines around the world) and lots of places to eat. I was impressed that one of the restaurants, Ava's Pizzeria , even offered a vegan cheese and veggie pizza! We spent a lot of time in the water too, since our B & B had a great pool. They also upgraded our room to a suite with a soaker tub next to the bed. It was awesome! I've never used one, but my pregnant self loved all the space and how light I felt. Super relaxing! On our las