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Pregnancy is Odd

Some of our baby's first gifts! Sarah commented that she wondered about weird stuff during pregnancy, so here are some of my experiences, as of 20 weeks . .  Food  - I am so HUNGRY. My ramped up appetite was actually one of my first symptoms that made me think,  maybe this isn't just killer PMS . From about week 6 to 13, I felt off (dizzy or weak) much of the time unless I'd JUST eaten. My food aversions were simple: anything sweet (including fruit, candy, and chocolate - very difficult to explain at Easter parties when it was too early to reveal our good news) and Chinese food.  In fact, I mostly lived on carbs and cheese (plus eggs, as long as someone else was preparing them). Vegetables had to be cooked just right but then I could stomach a small portion. By about 14-15 weeks, I could handle most foods (Chinese is still out) and I've learned to eat immediately if I feel hunger coming on. Nosebleeds - I usually get a minor nosebleed or two every winter, e