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Tax Refund

When we got our tax refund last March, we put my portion toward our mortgage debt and my husband's portion toward our California vacation . Both money well spent. This year we're spending all of it (plus a little more) on new floors for our upstairs.  In less trafficked places the carpet still looks decent. But the hallway and our bedroom look particularly worn - and of course the corners, which Monkey tore up her first two months here rather than one of the scratching posts.  We really love the hardwood floors we have downstairs so that was our first thought for upstairs. It would be cheaper to replace the carpet (about half the price) but the tax refund made us more willing to pay the extra. Plus the hardwood should last much longer than carpet ever would and I think it's easier to keep clean (especially for our family members with allergies).  The installation should be an interesting process with three cats in the mix! We're very excited for the end result

Reading Round Up: Jan & Feb

This is a long one. Thanks, winter! Tons of good books on this list, though - I have end-of-year best book lists to thank for that.  A Moment Comes - This book takes places during the partition of India in 1947, which I knew nothing about prior to reading. I really appreciated the book's messages about acceptance, tolerance, and patience. Definitely not your typical YA romance (I assumed it would be based on the description).  Though just to be clear, I don't have any problems with typical YA romance. You'll find several further down this list ;) Spousonomics - Looking at common marriage issues (like sharing chores) as an economist. Some parts were fascinating, others not so much. About Alice - A husband's tribute to his late wife. I listened to this on audio based on Jessica's recommendation and ended up teary eyed in a grocery store parking lot finishing it. Super sweet.   Open Road Summer - A throughly enjoyable YA romance. Of course it takes