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Pregnancy Update: 36 weeks

Just a quick update (prompts stolen from Olives n Wine ) . . feel free to ask me questions in the comments! Due Date: November 1st How far along? I hit 36 weeks yesterday! Full term at the end of this week :) Maternity clothes:  Yes, I've had to wear them for quite a while now. Looking forward to wearing regular things soon though! Stretch marks:  None yet. Sleep: I sleep soundly from 8pm to my first bathroom break (around midnight or 1am), then I toss and turn til about 5 when it's time to get up. My hips get sore so I have to switch sides every hour or so. Best moment this week: Going to the doctor's and hearing the baby's heartbeat. Always amazing! Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach and bending over. I have to squat when I drop things on the floor, haha.  Movement: Lots of movement! This baby loves to dance around after I eat and when I'm laying in bed at night. Sometimes it will just push on the sides of my belly and stay there, like a