Christmas Shopping in January

Yes, Christmas is over. And the next one is 300 some odd days away. But I'm buying Christmas presents anyway.

Why? Because west elm is having a great sale on their Christmas stuff (and a ton of it is handmade, which I love). (west elm doesn't know I exist by the way - I'm just linking to them so you can check it out if you want.)

And look, who can resist these cute little guys? I think my nieces and nephews will get a kick out of them twelve months from now. :)
And I'm sorry (but not sorry) that the owl fell as I was taking this shot - I kept it because now it looks like he and the penguin are chatting. 

Feel free to call me crazy in the comments :)


  1. Very cute! We have a WE in London now - very dangerous for my wallet lol!

    1. This was my first west elm purchase and looking through their other things - yes, very dangerous! :)

  2. Soo cute! The nephews and nieces will love them!


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