April Reading

April has been a tough reading month for me. I've read several books, but haven't been LOVING books right and left like I was in February and March. So just as an overall reading update, here's what I've recently read.

Cancer Vixen: This is a true story of the author's life around the time that she found out she had cancer. It does address her cancer diagnosis and everything that goes with it, but it also recalls how she and her husband fell in love, how nice family can be even though they're terribly annoying, and her first year of marriage. It's a graphic novel, which is a little different for me, but it made for a super fast read.

Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats: I'll admit I checked this out because it was old enough to qualify for my read an old book goal . . and I like cats . . a little ;) Then after I started researching, I found out the musical Cats is based on this book, which makes me want to go see the musical that much more! Any tricks to convince my husband to take me? ;) 

Creepy Carrots: I wish it was closer to Halloween or I had kids so reading this book would be a little more appropriate (maybe I can tie it in with the Easter Bunny?) but oh well. It's the tale of Jasper, a rabbit who loves carrots from the Crackenhopper Field (I wish I was making that up). Until one day when he hears the tunktunktunk of . . creepy carrots!

The Little Prince: Hmm. Yes, I know it's supposed to be all philosophy . . metaphors  . . whimsical messages about what's truly important in life . . brillant literature (I hope you said  literature in a British accent). I thought it was okay. Of course, that's what the Little Prince would expect from a grown-up.

Read anything lately - good, bad, or otherwise?


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