Old Goals, New Goals

I kinda like setting goals month by month. Kinda.

The only problem is creating a sense of urgency to convince myself to work on the goals I'm dreading (read: cleaning the 50-degree basement in February) rather than browsing Pinterest. I have no solution to offer - I took the easy route the first 27 days of this month and spent last night in the basement.

Check here for my original post on February goals.
Organize part of the basement:  I spent about 3 hours on this and while the basement as a whole is far from finished, I'm happy with the progress I made in this one corner. When I started opening boxes and sifting through the contents, I was surprised to find many empty or half-filled boxes (it's not like I should know what's in my own basement or anything). I condensed things and wound up with tons of boxes for the recycling bins:

This was the end result:
Write a love note:  Success!

Exercise daily:  I did a fabulous job of avoiding physical activity in January, so I'm thankful that this goal helped me turn that around in February. I decided 10 minutes of exercise counted as "accomplishing" my goal for the day, so I set my alarm for 12 minutes earlier and greeted the day with some yoga. You may be thinking, 10 minutes of exercise? That's it? and I agree, it's not much. BUT it's better than nothing and I know myself - an hour a day just isn't going to happen.

Read: Actually read 6, woo! This month didn't have as many all-star books as January, but Unbroken single-handedly made up for that. Check out all the books I've read so far this year here.

And on to the next:

4 no drive days:  Inspired by Laura, I want to make an effort to not use my car at least 4 days out of the month.

Hot breakfast:  I'm hungry when I wake up. So every morning, I sit down to a bowl of cereal because it's quick and easy. This month, I want to make myself a hot breakfast, maybe these? I'll probably make them on a Saturday afternoon and leave them in the freezer until the next morning.

Read 5 books:  I don't even need to set this goal to know I'll meet it, but every month needs a gimme, right? ;)

Plan my garden:  I'm so excited to start thinking about long days, warm weather, and fresh produce! My garden is pretty small and I already have most of the seeds, so I just need to sit down with the graph paper and figure out how to best use my space this year. I'm also considering buying strawberry plants and want to do some more research before I buy.

How was your February? Any goals for March?


  1. I'm afraid I'm FAR too lazy to actually plan out my garden like that. I just plant things where the spirit moves me to put them!

    But I've got the driving days licked, most months I'm lucky if I can manage to actually use the car for 4 days! My homebody habits are great for saving gas, but I have a terrible timekeeping the battery charged!

    1. I like the sound of your planting methods ;)

      I love staying home, too (I think that's why this challenge is so appealing to me). Unfortunately, driving to work 5 days a week is what's making this tough for me. I'm going to try running my errands after work instead of on the weekends . .

  2. Way to knock February out of the park... I can't remember the last time I crossed off everything on any-given-to-do-list. Gold star for you.

    However, I might adopt your March goals to give myself a similar ego boost. I don't have a car, eat scrambled eggs 7 days a week, and 5 books pshhhh.... I could plan a garden! Even though I don't have a yard... does planning a pot in your windowsill count?

    1. Woo - go you! lol

      Planning a pot totally counts - the goal doesn't say anything about the size of the "garden"! :)


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