Monday, October 27, 2014

Bucket List

Just as the title says, this is my bucket list. I wrote about the beginnings of this list a little over a year ago (I'll blame finishing it on all the dying plants around here). 
Not in any particular order, except my marriage and a (future) child are at the tippy-top, importance-wise!

Nurture my marriage
Have a child (I think I want 2, but it's hard to predict without having any; hubby votes for 1 or 2 as well)
Complete 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (and depending on how that goes, possibly become an instructor?)
Go on a cruise
Hike part of the Appalachian Trail (a guided tour probably)
Pay off all debt (car loan and mortgage)
Go whale watching
Vacation with extended family
Write a book
Get a passport and  . . 
Travel outside the US
Do a handstand without a wall
Save for retirement (and retire!)
Go snorkeling in the ocean (I tried it briefly in a giant tank at Disney World)

Of course, I've already accomplished some things that would've been on a 15-year-old Amanda's bucket list, like graduate from college, public speaking, get married, go on a hot air balloon ride, buy a house . . but it seems silly to add those just to cross them off. The list above reflects my dreams today. :)

Do you have a bucket list? Any overlap between your aspirations and mine?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Giraffe Lunchbox

Much like the giraffe tv, I couldn't resist snapping a shot of this lunchbox . . 

Do you use a lunchbox? I take my lunch in a mini cooler because my work fridge is crowded and not the most reliable for keeping things chilly. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Walk

I've been making an effort to take more walks (regardless of weather!) since Sarah's Walking Challenge last December. In January, I shared photos from a winter walk and I continued with a summer version in June. Here's the autumn set to round out the year. Fall is a great time for walking because the temperatures are usually comfortable and there's no snow or ice (well - til December, but I consider that winter).

Despite being mid-afternoon, everything was still damp from a rain shower earlier in the day because the sun never really came out. 

Leaves have been changing colors and falling for a few weeks now, making pretty scenery on the trees and the ground. 

But there's still a good amount of green left to go.

I love these purple-pink leaves. Beautiful! 

I have a soft spot for the yellow ones too.

This is also the time of year when we watch lots of birds migrate to warmer locales. Goodbye orioles, robins, hummingbirds! I especially enjoy watching giant flocks of blackbirds and noisy geese on the move.

Are there any birds you miss over the winter? 

And our November NYC day trip is official! Maybe I'll do a city walk while I'm there :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

In the Garden: October 2014

Last garden update of 2014 - crazy! 

The strawberries have completely covered the bottom edge of the left garden bed. I'm hoping that means an even better harvest next year. 

Very little still growing, food wise - just the beans and my volunteer tomato.

But the flowers continue to fare exceptionally well, the marigolds and zinnias in particular. (This is my first year growing marigolds from seed. I usually just buy plants, and they always do well, maybe doubling or so in size. But this bush blows my mind.) 
The black eyed Susans out front are dead and shriveled, though I can't bring myself to cut them down just yet. I'll probably wait another week or two to start the cold weather prep.

How's your garden? 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Peanut Pumpkin

Another post coming to you from the farmers' market: the peanut pumpkin. They had a huge display of pumpkins and squash out this weekend. As I got closer, I realized it really does look like peanut shells on the pumpkin skin. (eHow says it might be a cross between a squash and pumpkin plant.)
Mr. G isn't a fan of pumpkin, and I don't want to eat 12 pounds of anything by myself so I didn't buy one. But it was too cool not to share :)

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