Monday, October 5, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 36 weeks

Just a quick update (prompts stolen from Olives n Wine) . . feel free to ask me questions in the comments!

Due Date: November 1st

How far along? I hit 36 weeks yesterday! Full term at the end of this week :)

Maternity clothes: Yes, I've had to wear them for quite a while now. Looking forward to wearing regular things soon though!

Stretch marks: None yet.

Sleep: I sleep soundly from 8pm to my first bathroom break (around midnight or 1am), then I toss and turn til about 5 when it's time to get up. My hips get sore so I have to switch sides every hour or so.

Best moment this week: Going to the doctor's and hearing the baby's heartbeat. Always amazing!

Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach and bending over. I have to squat when I drop things on the floor, haha. 

Movement: Lots of movement! This baby loves to dance around after I eat and when I'm laying in bed at night. Sometimes it will just push on the sides of my belly and stay there, like a stretch. I think I'll definitely miss all the movement when I'm not pregnant. 

Food cravings: Potatoes have been awesome lately. Steamed or baked, topped with butter and salt & pepper, mmm!

Gender: Still a surprise!

Name: We have two boy names and two girl names picked out. The plan is to wait until the baby arrives and see which name suits him/her.

Labor signs: I've had some Braxton Hicks (the practice contractions) the past few weeks and I'm 1 cm dilated. I'm all for it! On the one hand, I want the baby to stay put and keep growing til 37 weeks, but I'm so excited to meet them that I'd love it if the baby decided to come anytime after that!

Symptoms: Some heartburn at night. I've started sleeping with two pillows under my head and drinking milk before bed. Both have helped immensely.

Belly button in or out? Still an innie, but just barely!

Wedding rings on or off? Off! I think I stopped wearing them regularly around 29 or 30 weeks? They were easy to put on in the morning, but a struggle to remove after work, so I left them off as a precaution. I've heard horror stories of people who had to cut off their rings and I wanted to avoid that!

27 days to go!!

Still have more questions? Let me know :)


  1. Looking great!!!! I can't believe the baby is almost here! Enjoy your last days - just the two of you. We always knew we were having boys but also had a couple of names and waited to pick until they were here too. I always thought what if we settled on a name before hand and it came out the opposite sex! Once we saw them, one name always stuck out as a much better fit than the other :)

    1. Thank you! I hope our naming process is just as smooth - my fear is that we'll each lean toward a different name!

  2. I am excited for you, Amanda! Your body looks healthy and strong and up for doing everything you have to do! I hope that if you are not able to post for a while after baby, that you will let someone log on and tell us your news!

    1. Just what I needed to hear, Dar! Our childbirth instructor kept saying, your body was built for this! but it's still so tough to wrap my head around! I will try my best to post when the baby's here or maybe let Mr. G take over for that one :)

  3. So on a tangent - did you pull up the carpet?

    I love seeing pregnancies grow! I can't imagine not being able to bend over forwards, that could be annoying!

    Anything hurt what you wouldn't expect? But perhaps that's a little too personal.

    1. Yes, carpet is gone! We spent our tax refund plus a little more to have hardwood floors put in upstairs so now the whole house is done. I love it :)

      As for pains . . my hips only hurt at night when I lay on one side for too long so that's not too bad. The baby does kick quite hard sometimes - it hurts when you feel a jab to the bladder especially. And I get lightning fast, sharp pains in my crotch sometimes that are the worst. But they're totally normal and a sign that the baby will soon be here!

  4. You look absolutely fabulous, Amanda! Very fit and healthy. What a great feeling to know you are almost there now. Do you have most of the baby things you need now? Anything you wondered if you should get or not or still undecided? (So excited for you!)

    1. Thanks Fiona! I think we are all set on baby things. We set up the nursery with the crib, rocking chair, and a changing pad on top of my old desk from college and I washed all the baby clothes. I was undecided on a special support pillow for breastfeeding (skipped it) and I only bought 2 cloth diapers (different types) because I'm not sure about that either. So many different opinions make it hard to decide!

  5. Ahh I think my comment from the other day disappeared! Anyway you look amazing Amanda.

    1. Thanks Laura! So sorry about your other comment.


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