Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Goals Update

Time for a goals update!


• Save $300 per pay - Yes! Easiest goal ever because this was automatically deducted from my paychecks!


• Attend more than 67 yoga classes - Nope! I stopped attending yoga classes in June because I was modifying so many of the poses to accommodate my growing belly that it seemed silly to pay to take a class that I wasn't fully participating in. I couldn't find any local prenatal classes so I switched to DVDs from the library until the very end when just cooking dinner felt like a work out. How do pregnant women who already have children do it??

• Read 52 books - Yep, a total of 70. It was a banner year for reading actually, considering almost all those books were read before September. Now baby girl and I listen to audiobooks (electronically downloaded from the library to my cell phone) during some daytime nursing sessions when I want to read something. Plus I read a kids book to her daily. 


• Exercise together twice a month - Mr. G's work schedule changed in February so we no longer have evenings together (biggest bummer EVER). And though we do still take walks around the neighborhood, going to exercise classes was not a priority for our weekends! Walks are especially great now because they calm the baby (and sometimes she'll even sleep!) and we can talk uninterrupted for a bit. 

• Travel twice - Yes! St. Michaels for our anniversary and the beach for a babymoon.

• Cook 6 new recipes together - Fail! Cooking new foods while pregnant was a challenge I was not up to! We made tiramisu in January, and this green bean cobbler last week but that's about it on the new recipe front. The cobbler was super yummy - I used vegan sausage and bumped up the green beans to 3 cups. 

Adding a baby to the family wasn't on my original list but it's certainly my favorite "accomplishment" of the year ;)

How did you do on your goals?


  1. I think having your darling baby was the best surprise 'goal' achievement ever!! I'm glad the savings came easily - I'm reviewing my savings goals for next year, as well as planning a big trip. The hardest goal will be losing weight, and the biggest cliche!

    1. Yep, she's the best :) And cliche or not, I'll be right there with you - I have some baby weight to lose this year!

      Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  2. that's a pretty good ratio. not sure. I didn't write them down but neither pilates class nor f/t work ever got off the ground.

    1. Maybe this year then? Pilates is tough! I've only taken a few classes, but it made me struggle way more than yoga does.


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