Monday, July 8, 2013

Magazine, Magazine

One guess what I'm writing about today. <insert Jeopardy music>

Yup, magazines :) I adore magazines. They are my road trip and airplane ride reading material of choice and I'm lucky my library subscribes to probably 75 different ones. 

National Geographic: I've mentioned it before, but I really do love this magazine! They write about the obvious - geography - but who knew that included the pressure population growth puts on the land, climate change, expeditions to places I've never heard of, endangered/extinct/newly discovered animal species, and on and on. In my 13 years of reading every issue cover to cover, I can count on one hand the number of articles I've skipped or couldn't finish reading. Every issue is just excellent.

Mother Jones: This magazine seems to pride itself on reporting on stories that are getting very little attention from other media outlets, mixed in with popular news stories told from their point of view (definitely liberal). So one issue might tackle how the apple market is changing and immigration reform. But be prepared to read some upsetting articles - I wish I could link to some of the ones from their most recent issue especially.

Real Simple: After two heavy hitters, here's my light and fluffy magazine. I enjoy the practical advice, the lifestyle articles, and the easy recipes (okay, okay - and the eye candy).

Smithsonian: Another catch-all nonfiction magazine. They cover science, history, food, and culture (and probably more). It's generally a good mix, but occasionally they focus on one topic for an entire issue (they just did a fantastic food issue). They also make the coolest lists - best vegetarian foods of the world, best diving sites. It's heaven for list-lovers like me.

Here's what Dottie thinks of magazines:

Edit: Mental Floss completely slipped my mind. If you're looking for random, quirky facts, this is the place to look. Check out their quizzes or fact compilations on youtube sometime.

Do you read magazines? Any favorites?


  1. I don't usually read magazines, but we joined the Smithsonian on vacation last month, and the sample issue of the magazine looked great! The kitty is trying to absorb it by osmosis!

    1. haha, that must be it! I like how she looks angry sitting there.

      I hope you enjoy the magazine :)


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