Friday, December 28, 2012

What I Gave this Christmas

I love seeing the gifts others give (especially when I can steal be inspired by their ideas for upcoming birthdays!). Just a sampling of the kid gifts I gave this year:

A wooden crocodile!  So adorable! (5,000 bonus points if you know what book this picture was taken on)
Kids related to me can count on getting books because I'm obsessed with them! You already know about my first children's book purchase for Christmas. Here's the next one: a fabric book (it looks so good because it was made by my mom) about Pooh.  I think these are perfect for babies - soft and ready for chewing.
Mo Willems is one of my favorite authors, so I couldn't leave him out!  His books always make me laugh and this one was no exception.
A hopscotch rug.  I love that this lets you play indoors!
A wobble deck.  These were so tough for me as a kid, but it kept me occupied for hours! (and I hear parents like that ;) )
What do you think?  What did you buy for the kids on your list this year?

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