Friday, December 21, 2012

Bringing Up Bébé

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Another book review on a book I have no business reading (perhaps not as inappropriate for my age as this, though). Luckily I get to decide what I read!

I'm not yet a parent, and so I may not be the best person to review a book comparing parenting styles, but I really enjoyed this book.  I've always been curious about other cultures and ideas, so this book was right up my alley.  I felt the author was respectful with her observations, although there were several cultural "norms" (both French and American) that she personally disagreed with. 

It also made me consider what tricks I'd like to have in my arsenal when I become a mom.  I particularly liked "The Pause" - when a baby is crying, the American norm is to try to comfort or quiet the baby as quickly as possible, while the French norm is to watch the baby for a few minutes before responding to try to figure out what's wrong (and possibly have the baby self-comfort and not require any adult attention).  The result?  Babies in France often sleep through the night by around 4 months old!  Love this idea - especially if it will let me sleep through the night earlier!

All in all, a entertaining read that will definitely make you think - whether or not you happen to be a parent.  And I'd love to hear a parent's perspective on this book!  I'm sure as always, the tips in this book are easier said than done. ;)


  1. I loved this book. One of the other main differences between French and American parenting that I remember from the book is that French parents are more authoritative - while wanting what is best for their child over time, they are less likely to give in to daily whining. They seem to keep the end result in mind, which is that they want to raise an effective adult!

    1. Yes, I really agree with that sentiment (although it doesn't mean as much since I don't have kids!). Gotta think about the big picture.

      If you liked that book, you might enjoy Joanna's Motherhood Around the World series -


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