Tuesday, July 1, 2014

California: Legoland

Happy July to you! I'll get to my regularly scheduled monthly goals update post sometime this week, but I figured I'd do a few California updates first. :)

First up:  Legoland!
We flew out to San Diego (see our lovely view above) and drove to Carlsbad that afternoon. It's about a 35 mile (56 km) trip and gave us an introductory taste of the California style of driving and traffic jams. We enjoyed a lazy pool day on Friday and then spent all day Saturday at Legoland. 

Thankfully our hotel was super close and we were able to walk to the park, which saved us $15. Our tickets were also free through a hotel promotion, but they're normally $83 + tax each. 
My husband was ecstatic just walking through the gates! (I played with Legos as a kid, but don't enjoy them nearly as much as he does.) 

There were so many cool sights - and most made completely of Legos! A couple of examples . . 

The fairy tale creatures on the log ride:

Many, many animals throughout the park:

And portions of real cities and Star Wars planets:

(We joked that this lizard was Godzilla and had actually caused that damage to the streets.)

One of our favorites was the Lego Movie Experience.

It was a replica of the basement in the movie, and included a scavenger hunt of sorts (we only found 3 of the 7 Unikitties.) It's hard to imagine how much time went into making everything in the movie!

Next door, they had a small "factory" to show how Legos are produced that was interesting. I liked the walk through time, which showed some old Lego kits. We got on very few rides because the wait times were outrageous, but really enjoyed ourselves just walking around and taking in the Lego sights. 

Would you ever visit Legoland? 


  1. I would love to go to a Legoland! Possibly on a London trip. I heard at one time that they didn't allow adults in without kids but that must not be true?

    1. They let us in with no problems but I will admit that I saw very few other people there without kids. They had pictures of all the Legoland parks in the Lego "factory" and I was surprised to see they had 6 locations!

  2. Hi Amanda, hope you have had a wonderful trip! I'd *love* to go to Legoland. Your pictures have given us a good idea of it - I think we'd been very much like your husband, delighting in going in the gate! How amazing are those village scenes!

    1. It was a delightful trip :) Your son might also like the "test track" type areas in Legoland (we skipped those because they're meant for children.) You are given certain pieces and the point is to make a vehicle that will cross the finish line quickly (and still in one piece, hopefully!). In one of the articles we read prior to visiting, the father said his daughter was there for over an hour experimenting with different designs. :)

  3. love legoland.. was last there over 10 years ago.. would love to take the boys there some day

    1. Yep, it'd be fun to go back someday when we have kids!

  4. I don't think this would be on my "want to do" list. But I don't think I could be trusted there anyway. I would be so tempted to pull the buildings and animals apart, just to see if they were built from individual bits of Lego and not just moulded in one piece but to look like they were made from Lego bricks.

    As a child I did love Lego. I had a Lego train set that I loved. Must have cost my parents a fortune - and we were not wealthy. I vaguely remember my mother not being pleased with my father - think he probably wanted boys - for the purchase. But later my mother did buy my sister and me kits - she had a kitchen and I had a lounge room. They even had little cups and tiles for placemats. And we had two hous kits. I had a lovely Swiss- style chalet.

    Yep, just know I'd be pulling apart their displays. Were you tempted?

    1. We were told everything is held together by glue, but now you have me wondering if they were just molded to look like many Lego bricks . . I didn't actually inspect anything that closely.

      Aww, your childhood story made me smile. I always built homes with my Legos - sometimes pyramid shaped, sometimes rectangular, but always homes. My brothers didn't understand my fascination! :)


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