Monday, May 12, 2014

Pedometer Challenge Update

I talked about the Pedometer Challenge my work is sponsoring a few weeks ago, and since all I had to share at that time was baseline information - I figured I was due for an update. :)

I've been doing well increasing my steps each week (although I still haven't quite made it to the mystical 10,000 steps). Thankfully other activities count as well, like cooking, cleaning, and yoga, which boosts my totals. My work also posts the participants' weekly averages in the break room, and looking those over while my lunch is heating up has encouraged me to walk several times when I didn't feel like it.

Mr. G is having a tougher time improving his totals and we've talked about it a few times. He thinks the challenges have been easier for him when they're offered by his work because then there's a group of guys in his division that walk together for the second half of their lunch break and during their shorter breaks as well. I think he's not giving himself enough credit either - he doesn't put on his pedometer until he's leaving for work, although he's usually up for several hours before then. But it works out to my advantage so I haven't been too pushy about that ;) 

Three more weeks and then hopefully I'll be collecting my prize!

I'd love to hear about your walking :)


  1. Congratulations - you are doing very well! And how satisfying is it to see a graph - especially once mapping progress with the 'significant other' (healthy competition never hurt anyone!)

    I've been getting back on track / staying on track with my 45 min walks a few times a week. But I forgot to buy a pedometer! I really would love to know my 'baseline' rate of steps in a day. Would be a good guide as to how much 'extra' exercise is needed!

    1. Thank you! Taking several 45 minute walks sounds great! Usually my walks are only about 30 minutes unless it's the weekend.

      And I'm not sure if you saw the replies to your comment in this post, but Sarah offered to send you a pedometer. :)

  2. Brilliant effort! I love the graphing - doesn't it give a great visual on how you've improved your steps (and are smashing Mr G)?

    I know I don't do enough incidental walking anymore. Really have to make a concerted effort to do more. I do go for a 45 min walk about 4 times a week, and a short one to and from my Pilates class. The batteries flat on my pedometer and I may not get it recharged. I didn't like how this one attached. It was no good for dresses.

    1. Thanks! My pedometer doesn't work well with dresses either, so I've been skipping it on those days. Then I just take the average out of 6 days for that week. One of the women at work started wearing it on her shoe, so I'm considering trying that.

      And according to the step conversion chart we're using at work, walking at a normal pace equals 4500 steps in 45 minutes, and an hour of Pilates is 6060 steps :)

  3. I used my pedometer on two days when I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking. The step counts were 8500 and 9300, but I only have about 10 days a month like that. I will check what the more average days are like!

    Your counts keep climbing - you're doing great!

    1. Those are awesome totals, even if they were out of the ordinary. :) You might be surprised by your "average" days - some days my totals are a lot higher than I expected because of just running around at work or grocery shopping.


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