Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas Shopping in January

Yes, Christmas is over. And the next one is 300 some odd days away. But I'm buying Christmas presents anyway.

Why? Because west elm is having a great sale on their Christmas stuff (and a ton of it is handmade, which I love). (west elm doesn't know I exist by the way - I'm just linking to them so you can check it out if you want.)

And look, who can resist these cute little guys? I think my nieces and nephews will get a kick out of them twelve months from now. :)
And I'm sorry (but not sorry) that the owl fell as I was taking this shot - I kept it because now it looks like he and the penguin are chatting. 

Feel free to call me crazy in the comments :)


  1. Very cute! We have a WE in London now - very dangerous for my wallet lol!

    1. This was my first west elm purchase and looking through their other things - yes, very dangerous! :)

  2. Soo cute! The nephews and nieces will love them!


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