Monday, January 13, 2014

A trip to the Farmers' Market

Dar recently posted a photo of her weekly shopping trip and Laura does the same every week. I think it's pretty interesting to see what others buy and how much they pay so I figured I'd share a shopping trip too. 

Normally, I make 1-2 shopping trips per week. On the weeks I make two trips, it's one to the farmers' market and one to the grocery store (they're in opposite directions from my house, so I can't hit both in one drive). Our farmers' market sells the produce they grow behind the shop and food from local farmers when it's available. In January, most of the food is brought in from other parts of the country. But I still like to shop there to support a small business and products grown in North America.

For $41.34, I bought . . 
  • 2 pounds of butter, $8.29
  • pound of organic ricotta cheese, $4.95
  • head of cauliflower, $3.99
  • unsweetened ketchup, $3.45
  • 3/4 pound of shelled edamame, $2.89
  • onion, $.50
  • bell pepper, $.98
  • zucchini, $.91
  • pound of panko, $2.15
  • pound of organic American cheese, $5.09
  • 1/2 pound of pistachios, $4.79
  • pound of organic celery, $2.15
  • potatoes, $1.20
(a pound is 450 grams)

This is a pretty typical trip in that I bought some things to eat right away, and some things we'll eat over the next few weeks or months. (That's why you don't see any fruit, bread, or yogurt here - I bought those last week and we're still working on them.) Mostly things we'll eat this week (I'm planning to make lentil "meatballs" and stir fry and any leftovers will become a soup). The ketchup, butter, and breadcrumbs will be eaten slowly, and probably not replaced again for several months. The cheese (for veggie burgers or grilled cheese) and pistachios (eaten as snacks) will take a few weeks to finish.

You may have noticed I bought some organic items and some conventional. The reasons vary, but usually it's because the market doesn't offer it. Some things, like the onions, have an organic option, but they're sold in giant bags. I don't want 20 pounds of onions, so I just buy the conventional ones loose if I need them that week.

Does this look anything like your grocery shopping?

And if you have ten seconds to spare, watch this kitten attack a potato (that fits in with grocery shopping, right?):

Makes me laugh every time :)


  1. Thanks for the link! Definitely looks like the stuff I buy, and the same prices too. Cute kitten vid!

    1. Yep, very similar! I hesitated just a bit before adding the kitten, so I'm glad you liked it :)

  2. It looks a little different to the stuff I buy - I've been buying far too much packaged stuff lately! I had to look up 'panko' as I had no idea what it was!
    I don't have a local farmers market - just non organic farm shops were the quality isn't very good. If I want better quality I'll have to go back to a delivery service. Anyway I'm rambling! Thank you so much for the link love :)

    1. I go through phases where I don't cook as much and I buy more packaged stuff. I don't know how people did it 200 years ago when they had no choice! Sorry about the panko - I didn't even think about it. (I was too busy being proud of myself for looking up what a pound equals in grams.)

  3. I don't use the local farmers market. I think because I know I can get almost waste free options in my conventional grocery store, which is my driver. Interesting, I recently noticed we almost go through a kg (so 2 pounds or so) of cheddar cheese a week, if not weekly, then definitely fortnightly. So my cheese eating against what how long you project yours will last. meanwhile, I'm still on the ketchup I bought 2 years ago, and likewise the BBQ sauce!

    1. Oh wow, that's a lot of cheese . . although if I were making certain dishes (like mac and cheese or lasagna) this week, we'd certainly need that much. Are you mostly using it in meals or do you eat cheese as a snack? haha, I put ketchup on scrambled eggs and veggie burgers, and Mr. G uses it for hamburgers, eggs, and fries, so we'll probably be buying more this fall. And BBQ sauce just sits around here too - although guests appreciate it when we have cookouts.

  4. We have a farmer's market nearby but I only occasionally go there. Still weighing up my main drivers: distance from home, price, quality of produce, range, locavore argument etc. Our shop still does look a lot likes yours (though I also had to look up 'panko'!)

    1. Maybe I'll do another post (in a few months so I don't bore everyone) with a shopping trip from the regular grocery store to compare the two. Like you said, I try to make the best choice given my options - I only have 2 grocery stores plus the market so that makes it easier.


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