Friday, December 20, 2013

Walking Challenge, part 2

Another update for Sarah's +1 Walking Challenge . . .

Previous stats for this month: 60 minutes yoga, 50 minutes walking

Dec. 9 - yoga

Dec. 10 - 21 minutes
Dec. 11 - yoga
Dec. 12 - 17 minutes
Dec. 13 - lazybones, so nada
Dec. 14 - Cookie Day - I figured 7 hours of mixing, bending, and standing earned me a day off from walking
Dec. 15 - 29 minutes
Dec. 16 - 19 minutes
Dec. 17 - 32 minutes
Dec. 18 - yoga
Dec. 19 - 28 minutes

New totals: 210 minutes yoga, 196 minutes walking

I'm still working on the Hattie Big Sky audiobook and that seems to be distracting me enough to lengthen my walks (especially since Hattie is dealing with a Montana winter in 1918 - that means living in a shack and using an outhouse, eek!). But I also feel busier and busier as Christmas draws closer. Lots of parties and things to do . . not a bad thing, just a busy thing ;)  But I'm happy with the amount of time I've been getting out to walk anyway. It's hours more than I would've done without the challenge!

Listened to any good audiobooks lately? Any trouble squeezing your exercise in?


  1. I did well with walking to work this month, but I am off work this week and being sluggish!

    1. I have next week off, and I'll probably do the same! :)

  2. Wow! That's great! I fear my fitness numbers went the other direction this month as the sub freezing temperatures kept me inside and off of my bike. I did get a few walks in, but not nearly enough. Kudos to you!!

    1. Thank you! My usual rule of thumb has been to wear more clothing than I think I need (I've only been too warm once) but biking is a whole 'nother story, especially once you start going and that cold wind is smacking you in the face!

  3. I haven't done any walking this week! I like your daily listing of exercise - I need to do this! :)

  4. It is amazing how tracking things really can help motivate you!? I just published my post summarising my month - just some totals, rather than a daily list. I really slacked off at the end of the month, with being in a new unfamiliar location and with so much time to kill in a day, I weirdly wouldn't wake up 'early' when it was cool to walk, and then would be too hot the remainder of the day. Sadly less clothes is a less viable option :p

    I have to say, I am mighty impressed by you and Dar for braving incredible weather to walk, it really is an inspiration!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I love that tracking this has encouraged me to do more - I'm so grateful you hosted this challenge (especially around the holidays when I eat more junk food than usual). It has actually been nice to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Exercising inside just isn't the same! And you make a good point - it's always easier to put more clothes on if you're cold, but when you're hot, you're kinda stuck . . ;)


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