Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Links

It's Labor Day - yay! I'm lucky to work for a company that gives us Labor Day off, but there are definitely plenty of people who don't have that luxury. I noticed the discrepancy especially when I worked as a waitress - any day the Post Office and government offices were closed, we'd be busier that usual - and I'd be busy thinking jealous thoughts of them! So I'm savoring this day off with yummy food and some lazy couch time (we're thinking about watching The Bucket List).

Here's a few links to keep you company, and enjoy your day!

Fill the Silence - a tumblr of random facts to help you fill a conversation lull (or just to read and email to people who will be as excited as you to read them)

Most Common Birthdays - fascinating! How popular is your birthday? September 16th is the most popular, and NYE is nine months prior . . 

Labor force around the world (infographic) - So interesting! And I wish 40 vacation days was the norm in the US.

Old wives' tales that are true - Ice cubes can fix carpet dents, what?

And a cute kitty for good measure:


  1. Love the kitty! And I'm happy to have a day off, too.

    1. Oh, nice! To be honest, I'm never exactly sure which holidays Canada and the US share but I'm glad you have a day off :)

  2. How cute it that Kitty! And I am so thankful to have today off too! Enjoy!

  3. When I was a waitress the restaurant I was working in was open every day of the year, so I usually had to work on public holidays (although they did let me have Christmas day off since most other workers didn't celebrate Christmas). It was always busy too.

    Our Labour day is in October and the uni gives us a day off :)

    1. Wow! - at least my restaurant was closed on Thanksgiving (end of November here) and Christmas.

      I hope your Labour Day goes well :)


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