Monday, September 16, 2013

Garden Update - September 16th

Summer has almost come to a close, and so has gardening season. Here's a look at the garden bed:
The cucumber vines have all died back, but the tomatoes, peppers, and marigolds are still going strong.

The tomatoes are a big tangle of vines. I think next year I'll buy another tomato cage and separate the plants a little more. Hopefully that'll make picking the tomatoes easier too. (This year I put all four plants around one cage which has proven to be a little chaotic.)
But they're still producing mightily (averaging about 50 - 70 a day).
The pepper plant is finally doing well. We have 6 peppers growing!
I planted some radish seeds last week since our first frost date usually falls around mid-October. This variety of radish needs 24 days til harvest so we should have plenty of time. It's nice to squeeze in a little more growing right before the end of the season.
It's almost the end of days for the Black-Eyed Susans:
And a similar fate is coming for the zinnias:
Although a couple still look pretty up close.

How's your garden?


  1. Gosh... my cucumber plant is just now getting big enough to start producing a few small cucumbers!

    1. I think the 25+ inches of rain we got in August may have had something to do with it :(

  2. Hello Amanda,
    You have a wonderful garden! Your tomatoes look delicious.
    Amanda, I also noticed that you’re a fan of Pinterest and used to link your projects to the Pinterest Challenge @ Bower Power. Would you be interested in linking your recent Pinterest-inspired projects on my blog OksanaPlusHobbies?
    Here is the Link Party which is going on right now:
    Thank you so very much. I'm your newest follower.

    1. Thanks for the invite! I'm not sure if I'll be trying any Pinterest-inspired projects soon, but I'll link up if I do. :)

  3. They are some awesome tomato plants :) I have one very sad tomato plant that I'd basically given up on, but my landlord staked it for me and pointed out it has three tomatoes growing :)

    I also have radishes, but they are mostly tops. Apparently that happens if you plant them too close together. And I have kale but it didn't grow for a while and now I'm scared it's going to be eaten alive as the weather warms up.

    1. Eek - I didn't know that about radishes, I wonder if I planted them too close?! I could go out and thin a few while they're still little.

  4. Your tomatoes look great. I hope there's time for the peppers to ripen!

    1. Me too! They sure are cutting it close.

      The tomatoes have been our stars this summer, and I have no idea why they're doing so well.


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