Friday, August 9, 2013

Garden Update - August 9th

I can't believe it's already been a month since my last garden update. This summer is disappearing! 

Here's an updated shot of the garden. The marigolds are certainly doing well! I think I planted the tomatoes and cucumbers too close together because they are growing all over each other in their quest for garden bed domination. Next year I might buy another tomato cage (or even this fall if there are any left!) for added support.
The regular tomato plant died a few weeks ago, but we're getting plenty of cherry tomatoes! This is an average daily haul:
And about 1 - 2 cucumbers a day. Just enough that we can keep up with eating 'em without getting tired of them. These are two of the more "normal" looking ones. You have to wonder what happens to the other odd cucumbers in between getting picked and not making it to the grocery store . . 
The zinnias aren't have the best time. They're getting eaten by what I'm guessing are finches. They're small black and yellow birds that move too fast for a definite diagnosis. 
See that yellow in the center? In a day or two, it'll look like this:
Plucked clean!

But the best part is comparing this newest garden picture to the previous ones:

How's your garden doing?

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  1. What are the measurements of your garden plot? It looks just right!

    1. It's 4x8 feet (1.2x2.4 meters). We picked that size so we could purchase three 8 foot boards and only have to cut one for the frame. ;) It's a good size for just two people.

  2. We have goldfinches that love our anise hyssop. The birds are so light they barely make the stalks bend! We didn't do veggies this year, but the herbs are great, basil, parsley(I did see a rabbit nibbling on that), rosemary and oregano.

    1. I just googled anise hyssop, and boy is it gorgeous! I want to make a new flower bed in the backyard and it's going on my list of plants to look for. I'm glad your herbs are doing well - they taste so good fresh :)

  3. that's a good idea. I should photograph month by month next year.

    1. This is my first year taking pictures and I love it. :) Before I couldn't really tell how much everything was growing - it's easier to compare with the photos.


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