Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 is halfway over!

Ahh, June. 
Drink a milkshake: Yup - and not just any milkshake, one made with peanut butter!

Plan a flower bed: Success! There's actually a website that helps you pick plants that are suitable for your needs - a specific flower color, good for containers, soil type, native plants, etc. I'm going to wait until the fall to plant everything, but at least I have an idea of what I need to get.

Enjoy the beach:  The beach and I don't always get along. So much of it gets on my nerves - the parking meter situation, constantly applying sunblock, the crowds, sand everywhere (don't I sound like a very pleasant person?). But staying at a hotel right on the beach soothed my craziness. I had zero worries about whether we had enough quarters to make it through the day. We didn't feel any pressure to stay at the beach til sunset like we do on day trips - if we were feeling bored after a few hours, we'd simply go do something else. By some stroke of luck, the beach was never crowded. Even on Saturday! 

Make a photo book: Before we took our beach trip, I decided I wanted to create a photo book about it. (I wrote about why I use online scrapbooks here.) And since I knew I'd be making a book, we took plenty of pictures, so this book was a snap to put together.


Eat every meal at home: I consider myself a fairly frugal person. But after my husband came back from deployment, we started going out to eat about once a week. It's one of our favorite activities - it's low stress, requires little planning, and gives us plenty of time to talk :) So I loosened up on my penny-pinching ways and we enjoyed our date nights. And now . . it's time for a reality check. :) We've agreed to skip going out for the month of July, and will resume going out once a month in August.

What are your plans for July?

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