Friday, June 21, 2013

A Wedding Trip

We traveled for a wedding last week in Johnson City, New York. The trip started with stormy weather like this (eek!):

And then turned into this during the drive:

A little creepy, right? Thankfully the weather improved after that! 

We enjoyed lunch at Ground Round - a new restaurant for us - broccoli and cheese soup with salad for me, and chicken fingers with coleslaw for hubby. I googled it later and found out it's a chain, mostly found in the Midwest and eastern parts of the US. 

That night was the rehearsal dinner, which meant more yummy food (cupcakes!) and good company.

The wedding was held at a hotel, which boasted hiking trails connected to a nearby nature preserve. So the next day we drove over early to check out the trails. I was super excited to see the waterfall. Here's the view from the front of the hotel:

I'll be the first to tell you that I'm not the best map reader. But even with both of us consulting the trail map, we somehow ended up taking the longest route possible to reach the waterfall. There are worse problems, right? :) We saw some nice sights along the way:

The trail to the waterfall was marked as a "dirt path" and they weren't kidding! It was pretty rugged:

The scariest part was crossing the creek. This part of NY usually gets about 1.5 inches of rain each June, and they've already had over 7 inches so far this June! Meaning the water was moving pretty fast over some very smooth rocks. I didn't slip, but there were a few places where I almost did! Thankfully, the deepest spots were only about 7-8 inches deep. The chilly water felt wonderful on my toes:

After that it was time to head back to our hotel and get ready for the wedding. I'm not sharing photos of the event out of respect for the couple's privacy, but it was beautiful, magical, cheerful, lovely. One of my favorite parts was the photo booth. Guests could have their picture taken rapid-fire in a photo booth (like you would find at a carnival) and the machine would print two copies - one for the couple's guest book, one to take home as a memento. It's the best kind of favor - helps you remember the day without taking up a ton of space :)

Toward the end of the night, the couple played a trivia game. They sat back to back and held bride and groom rubber ducks on dowels. The DJ asked questions like, "Who said I love you first?" and "Who will handle the finances?" and they had to hold up one of the ducks as their answer. They agreed on most of their answers, and we all got a good laugh when they didn't (they each picked the other when asked who was smarter and who was better looking). (It was similar to this if you're looking for a visual.) 

We enjoyed breakfast at our hotel Saturday morning, then drove home. It was a great trip, and it was nice to have a day to relax before going back to work. :) 

How was your weekend? Been to any weddings lately? How are your map reading skills? ;)


  1. Cool! You were close(ish) to my neck of the woods. :-) The rain's been brutal lately. Glad you had a nice time!

    Strange you should ask! We're hitting up a reception (the couple was married awhile ago; they're just celebrating with friends locally) this weekend! It's been a long while since we've had any nuptial celebrating goin' on. And my map skills are iffy, probably like yours. ;-)

    1. The only part of New York we've seen is NYC, so it was nice to see the suburban/rural side of the state. We'd like to go back someday :)

      I hope you enjoy the reception!

    2. Cool! If you need suggestions for places to hit up, let me know. While I love in one of the more depressed (in more ways than one) areas further north, there is a lot to love about NY (hence "I <3 NY" bumper stickers). Strangely, it took me many, many decades before I finally got to NYC but once I got there, I became obsessed. It's where we fell in love and got engaged!

    3. I'll definitely let you know! NYC holds a special place in our hearts too, and we also got engaged there :) We were walking through Central Park and he asked me to climb a rock to take our picture at the top, then unexpectedly popped the question ;)


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