Friday, May 24, 2013

What foods do you hate?

I guess I'm a little obsessed with food this week. After I wrote this post, I realized my Monday post was about food, too. Then I thought some more about my posts this week and realized that on Wednesday I also used a question for my blog title. Hmmm. 

My husband is pretty adventurous with food. Basically, if someone else does the prep and cooking, he's willing to try almost anything (and likes most of it to boot). This makes him very easy to cook for, woohoo! On the other hand, I'm pretty picky about what foods I'll eat and even what foods I'll try.
Some of the foods I dislike are pretty common (brussels sprouts), while others are a little weird (raw tomatoes). So I made a handy little chart for you of all my least favorite foods. It's pocket size for your convenience. ;)
Some of it is texture (like whipped cream and lima beans), some of it is actually the taste (like pickles - and anything pickled, really), some of it is aversions deep-seated from childhood that I don't yet have the motivation to try again (artichokes).

Are you adventurous when it comes to trying new foods? I would love to hear what you don't like - and what you think of my yuck foods! 


  1. Avocados? Whipped Cream? Seriously? You can just send them all over here to me...

    I have to say that in general, I'm not very picky at all about food. I used to love, Love, LOVE food adventures. I loved finding out of the way ethnic restaurants and ordering random things from the menu. Alas, since I got diagnosed with all my food allergies those days are over.

    CatMan, on the other hand, is the pickiest eater I've ever met! The list of things he refuses to eat is long and varied, but in general he shuns anything with flavor. He claims that everything tastes bitter to him, and I tend to think that the foods he likes taste rather like styrofoam.

    He chalks this up to the disparity in the number of taste buds we have. Apparently, some people have significantly more taste buds than others, and taste things much more strongly. CatMan has about twice the average number of taste buds, and I've got about half the normal number.

    This does not explain, however, his love for Granny Smith apples, which I find so incredibly tart that my teeth hurt just thinking about them.

    In general, it seems that the main thing CatMan values in food is predictability. He wants to know exactly what it's gonna taste like before he eats it. I'm not sure what that's all about, but it seems to hold true.

    OK, so all that being said, there are a few foods that I do despise. Here's my list:

    -Liver & organ meat in general (the texture gets to me)
    -Raw oysters and any other raw animal products (I can't handle the slime factor, or thinking about the fact that it's raw)
    -Black licorice or anything flavored with anise (this may be because I'm allergic to anise and eating it makes my mouth go numb.)
    -Wasabi mustard (it's just foul!)
    -Chocolate ice cream (this is an odd one because I love chocolate shakes made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup, but chocolate ice cream itself is just disgusting to me.)
    -Granny Smith apples (I actually enjoy the taste of these apples, and used to enjoy them daily. But since I've developed problems with tooth sensitivity, it really hurts my teeth to eat them, so I've developed a dislike for them.)

    1. I've never heard that about taste buds, cool! It's funny how people can be so different. I see a google search in my future . .

      I don't think I've ever eaten any organ meats - my grandmother always scarfed them down thankfully! And I second the ick feelings with raw stuff; I haven't tried raw oysters or fish for that very reason (although I will happily eat raw eggs in the form of cookie dough or brownie batter, hah).

      I enjoy Granny Smith apples in small doses - I can't have more than 1-2 a week because they're so tart (and I often eat them with peanut butter to tone it down). These days, I'm more likely to eat a Honey Crisp - they're just as crisp as Granny Smith, but sweeter :)

  2. I was a seriously picky eater when I was a kid, but I got over it - mainly because I enjoyed trying new ethnic dishes when I was in my 20s, so my tastes expanded exponentially. However, I don't like rich and fatty foods such as mayo, butter, cream, whipped cream or cream sauces. Just to be inconsistent, I have learned to like cheesecake, but it took a long time! I will not eat shellfish and I have a particular aversion to shrimp and scallops - definitely a texture thing. I also didn't eat meat that I had to pick up and eat off the bone, like chicken wings or ribs. And like EcoCatLady, I wouldn't eat liver. Now that I've been a vegetarian for a while, most of these are moot points. I never liked buying, storing, preparing or cooking meat or fish. I like all vegetables, beans and fruit, though!

    1. I've improved since I was a kid too! Eating anything off the bone or shelling crabs always gave me a ick feeling because it reminded me that whatever I was eating came from an animal. I used to leave the table asap on rib night! ;) That's good you like all fruits and vegetables - makes things easier, for sure. The only fruit I can think of that I dislike is grapefruit (too tart).


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