Friday, May 10, 2013

Garden Update - May 10th

Garden update time!

I'm going to attempt to take pictures of the garden every month or so to see how it changes (in years past, I've forgotten about this idea around mid-July, so I thought maybe posting it on the blog would keep me going). You can read about my garden plan here, although it's already a little out of date since those Sweet Williams refuse to die. Not that I mind, but I was told they were annuals when I planted them 3 years ago, and they just keep coming back. Hmmm.
The cucumbers have started to sprout. 
The marigolds are doing so well because I bought those ;) I love marigolds - the cheerful color, the heartiness, the longevity (mine usually last til the very end of October)!
I planted zinnia seeds in here, (which I've never grown) so we'll have to wait and see.
All this growing going on makes me think spring is officially here - yay! And here's what greets me as I go back in the house:
They crack me up!


  1. Well.. at least they're not hanging from the screen door, which how I'm often greeted by my fe-lions!

    I tried zinnias once, and much to my surprise they were a great success. Hope yours turn out just as well!

    1. haha, yes, I can be grateful they are just sitting at least! If you look closely, you can see the screen is frayed at the bottom - from previous escape attempts. :)

  2. Sweet! What date did you plant? I've never been able to start from seed, mostly due to lack of planning (and laziness...there, I said it). And after looking at your plan, I got all excited to see radishes. I still remember well eating radishes straight out of the garden at my grandfather's house as a child. Nom nom! Good luck!

    1. We planted everything the week of the 28th because our area's last frost date is May 1st. I don't think there's anything wrong with buying plants - I usually don't simply because I'm cheap. :) We were gifted some tomato plants last year and it was so nice to just plant them and have a month's head start.

  3. good. your picture of cucumbers look like what I thought were our cucumbers coming up.


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