Friday, May 3, 2013

Flyers Quilt

So I promised you more details about the quilt I mentioned here. It was a present for my hubby. Care to guess the theme?
I guess the post title kinda gave that away ;)

While I am super proud of this quilt, I did very little of the actual sewing, pinning, etc. and don't feel comfortable writing a post with any semblance of a tutorial. Instead, I just want to share photos and some of the behind-the-scenes logistics. 
I came across the quilt above online (sadly, I have no source) and loved it immediately. My mom's made tons of quilts - probably around 35 - so I emailed her the picture to see if she could recreate it. Usually, she starts with a pattern or measurements in mind, not just a photograph, but she was willing to try!
Picking the colors was easy - my husband loves the Flyers, so we took a Flyers' hat to the fabric store, and bought the closest color matches. Then we played around with varying size stripes that would add up to 84 inches (since our bed is queen size).

The back of the quilt presented the opportunity to do something completely different. My mom often picks one fabric for the entire back, but I found a hockey rink fabric online that I wanted to incorporate. I thought using it on the back would be perfect. The fabric:
And the back on the finished product:
Dottie approved!

After the top (stripes) was sewn together, and the bottom (hockey rinks) was sewn together, we took both parts and the batting (the stuffing for the middle) to a local woman who has a longarm quilting machine in her basement. Basically, it's a big sewing machine (about 12 feet long) that holds your quilt's top, bottom, and batting together and sews through all three layers. This keeps everything straight and prevents the batting from shifting around. It was money well spent because it saved so much time! Here's a close up the of the design I picked (they're hockey players!):
The last step is binding (sewing up the opening between the top and bottom layers - I think of it as the border since it goes around the edges). We just opted to do basic black because it blends right in. The best part was giving it to my husband! He was so surprised. Keeping the secret was awful, but worth it! I got such a rush of happiness when I saw him napping under it last weekend :)

Do you have any quilts?


  1. My gosh... someone who actually finishes projects?!? :-)

    I have a few lovely quilts that a friend made for me. Unfortunately one of them is wearing out and a few of the pieces have developed holes. I've been thinking about trying to patch it... we'll see how that goes. You know me and crafts! :-)

    1. The quilt is lovely by the way... :-)

    2. haha - I hear ya! I'm still working on needlepoint projects and a latch hook rug from 10+ years ago (I have the desire to finish them about once every 2-3 years, so it's slow going). BUT I find more success with projects for other people and/or a strict deadline. Baby showers are the best - the present is for someone else and there's a deadline :)

      And thank you for the kind words! :)

  2. Wow! I live in the Philadelphia area, and this quilt is awesome. My husband still has the commemorative glass from the 1974-75 Stanley Cup game the Flyers won. He and his Dad were at the game. We have a quilt on our bed, Log Cabin pattern in blues, which his grandmother made for us.

    1. Thank you :) What an awesome experience that must've been for your husband!

  3. wow, awesome quilt! Love the bold strips of color!

  4. the back fabric is super fun. and does this mean you're in the philly area? I saw flyers in your link at frugal Friday and clicked through.


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