Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mini Green Changes: Consider the packaging

Happy last Thursday in April! I hope you've enjoyed the mini green changes this month :)
My final suggestion is to think about the packaging. This is especially true in the grocery store, when it's easy buy a ton of stuff wrapped in plastic. For example, my local store sells two brands of organic ketchup. One in a glass bottle and one in a plastic bottle. I choose the ketchup in the glass bottle because plastic is a finite resource (it comes from oil so we'll run out eventually) and it doesn't recycle well. Same thing with potatoes - my market sells them loose for 69 cents a pound or $3.45 for 5 pounds in a plastic bag. (Same price!) I prefer to buy them loose because I can pick out exactly the size and amount I want, but also because I can avoid the plastic bag. 

So my challenge to you is on your next shopping trip - consider the packaging. Try the pasta in a cardboard box, the loose oranges, the milk in a glass bottle. It might be another painless change that can make a huge difference :)

Check Beth's or Bea's blogs for more suggestions.

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