Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

The weather finally broke 50 degrees around here this weekend (yay!), and I guess that gave me the spring cleaning bug. I worked on another small portion of the basement and set aside a whole box of stuff to donate:
Then I decided to tackle the fridge:
It really wasn't bad, no mold or anything too sticky, just a lot of crumbs and cat fur. (Is my cat the only one who jumps in the fridge when I'm trying to put things away?) A good scrub and a little rearranging was all it needed.

I thought about moving the furniture to tackle the cat hair that's multiplying underneath, but decided to read instead. :) It was the weekend, after all.

And I'm already pumped for next weekend: I'm hosting a family dinner (any recipe ideas for me?) and planning a road trip to Trader Joe's (the closest one's a little over an hour from my house). Why? I've heard they sell a ton of vegetarian/vegan products and other goodies, like vegetarian parmesan, organic gnocchi, and cookie butter. Have you been to Trader Joe's? Any suggestions?


  1. Never been to Trader Joe's. I heard that they were coming to my area, but I don't know if they're here yet. But in my family, store-bought gnocchi would be considered sacrilegious - I can hear my grandmother rolling over in her grave just thinking about it! Seriously, it's really easy to make - that's what I do for my Dad whenever I feel like being super nice.

    1. If you have a recipe or tips you're willing to share, I'd love to hear them. :) I tried making gnocchi once, and it was a disaster - took me like 4 hours, every surface in the kitchen was covered in flour or dirty dishes, and when I finally tasted my creation, they didn't taste that good! (And the texture was weird - kinda dense/rubbery.) All that makes it hard for me to say to no to a $1 bag of gnocchi at the store.


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