Monday, March 18, 2013

My Trader Joe's Visit

So I finally made it to Trader Joe's.
I enjoyed wandering the aisles and checking out products I'd never heard of (kimchi?), right next to things I love. And the signs were too cute - some were decorated with pictures, and they all looked hand-written.
The prices made me squeal with happiness (I only spent $53).
I may have even clapped a little when my cashier told me nothing in the store contains HFCS or artificial ingredients. (awkward, hah!) Here's some of the stuff I'm excited to try:
I was a little sad to find no bulk food items. My area really sucks in this department. There are no stores that sell things like beans, nuts, and pasta without packaging. So my hunt for that continues :) It also took me 68 minutes to drive to Trader Joe's...  so maybe I'll just make the trek once every few months and stock up.

Where do you shop for groceries? Do you have bulk food bins?

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