Thursday, February 14, 2013

Let's Get Mushy

Despite not loving the second half of Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, I did glean one gem:  Mindy Kaling wants to hear everything I adore about my hubby and our marriage.  So, this post is for her.

He loves my cats. When we met, he wasn't a huge cat fan, but they've slowly worked their magic on him over the years. And while he may never be as enamored as I am, he makes a genuine effort and grows more fond by the day. It makes my heart swell :)

He compromises. Often. Take movies, for example. Most of the time, I want to be cheerfully entertained - so I usually suggest movies that fall into the "fun and fluffy" category, preferably avoiding any graphic violence, the suffering of animals and/or children, and frightening sequences. I try to pick out movies that will have something he'll appreciate, like eye candy or clever writing, but I know he's suffered through some awful ones because it made me happy. (This one he enjoyed!)
He supports my causes. As I've mentioned, I'm very passionate in my efforts to be more environmentally friendly (bordering on overzealous sometimes) and that carries over into pretty much every aspect of my life - going vegetarian, switching brands, turning the heat down, etc. My hubby takes the craziness in stride, making me love him even more :)
He loves me. Everyone has their faults and quirks. I like to think I'm a pretty cool person, but I'm far from perfect. The fact that my husband chose me to marry and continues to choose me - makes me so happy.
Who do you love? Care to tell us why? :)

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