Friday, January 11, 2013


I was at the library earlier this week while the librarian was doing a read-aloud with this book.  I've read it before - but the read-aloud brought it to the front of my mind and I wanted to share it with you.

Weslandia tells the story of Wesley, a kid who has never fit in - maybe because he doesn't like pizza, soda, or football, and he refuses to get the "cool" haircut (head half shaved). Everything changes when he decides to grow his own staple food crop and start a new civilization (aptly named Weslandia).

Suddenly, his days are busy tending his mysterious plant, cooking, weaving his own hats and clothing, creating a new language, and so on - you know, all the everyday tasks that go along with building a civilization from scratch. ;) The other kids eventually grow curious - so Wesley starts allowing them to help him and play his newly-invented games.  By the time Wesley returns to school in September, his tormentors have turned into friends. (Gotta love a happy ending.)

The illustrations in this book are amazing - they do a wonderful job of including the minor details from the text that I love hunting for. I like the message of creating your own place in the world - not conforming to make friends.  (Not sure how old Wesley is, but definitely an appropriate message for the getting-ready-for-middle-school crowd.)  All in all, an intriguing and highly enjoyable read!

And you don't even have to wait to read this book, here's a video read-aloud: 

Happy Friday!

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